Power Plate Group Training Sessions – Functional Flexibility & Train like a ‘Gladiator’

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Power Plate Functional Flexibility Group Training

Feeling Tight??? Feeling Sore??? Feeling Restricted???


We understand that flexibility, mobility and stability work hand in hand when we look at human function. This is why we have created small group, 4 week Program, Functional Flexibility. These classes are designed to help YOU move better, feel better and perform better.

Using all our knowledge and understanding of Applied Functional Science, we use various strategies and techniques that help us, help YOU optimise YOUR human function, through 3D Functional Flexibility using Power Plate (whole body vibration), TRX, Trigger point, Foam Rollers and Thera-bands. The beauty of performing various movements on Power Plate, is that we are able optimise YOUR results in less time.

Classes run for 30 minutes are small groups of 4.

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Train like a Gladiator Power Plate Class 

Are you aged between 28 – 40 years old? Do you have an awesome attitude and want to be a part of a highly energised team of supportive women.

We are looking for 8 girls who want to get into shape with weekly high-intensity workouts for 6 weeks straight. 

We are in search of a team of women serious about getting the most out of a High Intensity 30 minute training session using the Power Plate ‘Train like a Gladiator’ program each week for 6 weeks. By the end of the 6 weeks we want to have created an intimate team of women who have successfully stepped up their fitness using advanced technology in a collaborative team environment that provides support. 

If you think you have what it takes or TAG a friend you want to challenge to join our NEW and exclusive Thursday Night Training Class. 

This group will be committed to 6 weeks of training sessions in a personalised group setting at Revive the business of wellbeing in Elsternwick. 

 In this 3o minute class, every week for 6 weeks you will achieve the following:

  • burning calories
  • Increase strength and tone in preparation for the spring /summer months ahead
  • Increased awareness of technique  
  • Boost your energy levels and feel amazing
  • Increase overall fitness with focused attention on accelerated training


If you think you have what it takes to join a committed team of like-minded women then please apply for a 15 minute interview…

 The 6 week training program will commence ‪on Thursday the 14th of July and the last day will be ‪on Thursday 25th August. – Classes will be 30 minute classes and run once a week for 6 weeks.

 Payment: $150 upfront, covers the cost of every session for the 6 week Program plus bonuses.

 If this sounds like YOU then you are invited to apply to join the team. 


The Gladiator Workout – A total body workout following Caroline’s signature “leg-arms-abs” rotation system of circuits interspersed with cardio burners. No muscle goes unused and little rest is required as one body part rests whilst the other is active. Find out how Caroline gets her Gladiator body with this fast-paced and perfectly balanced exercise class.

Train like an MMA Fighter – try this Mixed Martial Arts inspired workout that incorporates boxing, kickboxing, and martial arts conditioning. Work with a partner to hit pads whilst on the Power Plate®, shadow box and level change throughout the workout pushing each other to the max with a mix of cardio and strength based exercises.

360 Degree Abs – Try this unique approach to working your core with a mix of Pilates exercises, loaded core exercises and explosive core work to truly strengthen and shape your core from all angles. As a former international heptathlete Caroline tested her body with 7 grueling disciplines. The key to success in each event came from a stable and strong core and you can follow her training methods in this fun-filled class which focuses on strength, form, function, protection and sculpting the mid section.

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